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CALENDAR OF EVENTS AND IMPORTANT DATES 2023 (Times may change during the year)

January 9th          (7:00pm) Ordinary PC meeting including budget 2023/24

February 6th         (7:00pm) Ordinary PC meeting

March 6th              (7:00pm) Parish Assembly and ordinary PC meeting

April 3rd                (7:00pm) Bi-annual Market Trader meeting, ordinary PC meeting and annual review of standing orders

May 15th               (7:00pm) Annual meeting and ordinary PC meeting

June 5th                (7:00pm) Ordinary PC meeting

June 30th              Deadline for approval of annual accounts 2022/23

July 3rd                 (7:00pm) Ordinary PC meeting, insurance review, LQF grant suggestions

August                  No meeting

August 31st          Deadline for claiming LQF grant

September 4th     (7:00pm) Ordinary PC meeting

September 24th   Deadline for publication of annual accounts 2022/23

September 30th   Deadline for submission of LQF project application

October 2nd         (7:00pm) Ordinary PC meeting + Playing Field Users Group

November 6th      (7:00pm) Bi-annual Market Trader meeting and Ordinary PC meeting

November 12th    Remembrance Sunday (Parade and Service)

December4th      (7:00pm) Ordinary PC meeting


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